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That rentiooa in the non-slavehoiding States that de- ers may breathe again. c rat ic papers and conventions in those States “A great deal of forecast is necessary for the ^7°° reml? n t'he br7l'7 ***^’ btotes bu, H wi U bav, tbe makii* of a new ap- either dec Ured openly for the proviso, or, by working of a railroad, but her. Aoj de^ oviug by ik* firm Hi Le p*ld 00 pre Mfpt Atloo by th* Li^eoberf er» aim I strayed — V ester Uftv luornit K, ifvui tbe alley b*ck if my re»t Ue DC*, * BOBBED-TAIL Luolivl Ue, Ky., Joue 1, l:i M. T IUE *u L«cr1bei H, bevlog ***wcl*(*d under the »Gle of LINDKNBKRUER k CO. Any who wl^.t^ him 7i5«r*'‘m‘'th.“J^‘ll M *in* Good hosrdlng can b. '''’ prompt and deai Wi M a gz _ a ble the stockholders mkv (ieiire to make him the ^ I ?

*vllle, e Uneted tmuedletely on the Pjf H Shti Lyv Ille turupikr, four mile* frem a. of tbe Slate 1 of Ibto, bis Democra Uc , b\y w itbout the abil^y and knowledge that can b.

LTrgent’’ deb i Si'U^ro7T’Ji S7cair V^^^^^ which they can hope to derive a partisan ad- meeting, and that this meeting, a numerous one, autie. would of itself, even in the absence , hill .v.n cannot “make fnr«-.^i » “o'Jier corporation with which he is connected, slso, s Summer K' tch.n.

S'n.-“i*y‘ conum.«‘“Vh PT«^ We do in oor heart, believe that the election ' —ioiufiona.

Imporlers BBd Jabbers at ' T^t Jb DICK, DTa PRPSIA, CHBO.. ielr slock b, the close buy- Blood to tbe Hesd, Acldit, of tb* Stomacb, Nau- ers of Ibe Jobbing trade ol Cl J ; sea, arartbum, Dl.sgnst of Food, Pnlness or ■V tbe w catern and Soniherc Ml IW | Weight In tbe Btomacb, Soar Bmcta- — ' cities. Sinking or Flattering at tba ' Thrcngh tbe medlnm of a Urge acquaintance IB Bu- PU ot tbe Stomacb, Swimming I rope, or man, rear.’ .tauding and br coiu Unt attention | of the Head, Hul Tlol and I to the chances and Improvtmenu In American mane- Dlfflcnlt Breaihlng. Purse*, ration, Tellowne Hg of tbe sklo and Kyes, Fain Id tbs ' may27dww3m yaov i aa For iha if F-lim ' Perfumery, Ot»ld Jewelry, Watchse, etc.

** J' ^ FUishn; a niimon of dol Urs In vainc— u»mp- tsiog Combe, But- Wtunree of VUlon, Do U or Webs before the Sl^« 1 aho Te-de»frfbed trlri purebaeere ifce L ’ '**’* *^» Tena*j.vania ton., Tbreul,, Tape,, Hun., Powder Kla.k., Fever uid dull Pain In the Ueu I, Deflcloncr of pirlpl-M 'il "'';''- Pcrcueelon Capet Cutlorr, Bead F, Port-Moheys.

die Dally and Weekly Journal Cfjpy b months aom# t* T o'clock, A.

P"r the W pa Es-igwrt ^ n— uin Tusv 2f d3ui*3ia 1 bumlnz in the Fiekh r^knut Ant im Awinusi Anu ^ v •,* I ..

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Let us but know who This is an illuj Dation from a quarter where they ^ CHut'to'; has al« been e.tabiiibed In connection btely,u.l.keour pat L.«.siature., will coot in- dared for the Wilmot proviw, iu 184s, we can to understand ‘railroad manage' uc in ex.stesiec two years, aad not only w ill it say with truth that iiioe-tenths of all the Demo- u? we have a com- to d Jeover ere^ re LS ' Po Hwoment of tbe State mto Congresiional dw- their upon the subject, permitted the pub- K..i ,1^.7,. f r the tr*u**c Uto U of * iiu luc c uiv-TMiy, *c wmc Q operetiu D* ere performed, BAT Ho RHK Ahnnt *7 vt LArs arui a Imsuk i& ^ « izw. President Pierce’s Secretary of the Inte- 77we coming to'r'^ I, ;;'rb;"°o:r !!! of a railro^ board, but can they mid, perhaps it would be well enough for done*. Cellar, Cistern, Ita We, ^ Cash for Woo L r HK blkhe*t market price paid lu ca*b for waabei ai Hl uawashed Wool by may 24 dl* 6 oi JAMR 8 CROMBT, Wall * 1 . a* otot ^ ^ caaiiol recovnt, from the oral trmditioiu of tbeir | OQ pi^v Heot tendency to nin wild after con- I ** i ioutbm« on this i ubject— j veutioni: of*wo«r«iaaaaoaa vtotw 7. piiinpuea of e soffic«*nll, sugee Ttive to j«-ople ‘ ’■y-. Not i" Ml oaof a V«t«a W W , IK^SO- Kawp 4 «o^ fsu. » farmer nmoroerik aotl mend* I Thrcngb the Bfdltjm of a Urf e *cqu»! than hau Ind -T*w»c^ « dartcernu* 1 betd ar^ l Bi Dilte!

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