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“For most people, that [the question] probably includes anal and vaginal sex.

It may not include oral sex.”“In our culture, there was a time when the president suggested that oral sex wasn’t sex, and that is still with us, to some degree,” psychologist Geoffrey Michaelson told ABC News in 2012. But she ultimately believes that millennials may be reining in the number of sexual partners.

However, she adds that based on this specific set of data “it looks more like acquaintances with benefits.”Another element that may obscure the millennial sexual landscape is how we define “sex.” The General Social Survey asks how many partners respondents had sex with, but the generation that grew up with the Lewinsky scandal blasting into our living rooms knows the answer to that question isn’t so simple.“It doesn’t specify what kind of sex.

It’s the Bill Clinton question,” Twenge says with a bit of a laugh.

American adults who had sex with a friend jumped from 54.2 percent in the 1995-1999 cohort to 70.8 percent in the 2000-2004 cohort (and has held steady around 68 percent since).“It could be that instead of having non-committed sex with lots of partners, they could be having non-committed sex with a shorter list.

That could be due to ‘friends with benefits,’” says Twenge.

“There’s talk about how millennials are less willing to put labels on relationships.

The moment we hopped on this site, it became extremely apparent that this was another one just full of fakes from top to bottom.

Wells of Hunter College of the City of New York co-authored the report.)They weren’t just focused on what people were doing between the sheets, but how they felt about it.

They were able to control for age, meaning they could compare how a 25-year-old in 1972 felt about sexual issues with a 25-year-old in 2010 [in effect, getting rid of any notion that liberal sexual views and behaviors were merely a result of being 25 as opposed to 55].

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