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Her acting skills are exceptional and praised by all.Katherine can easily grasp the role of the character she is playing.Belle takes a couple of crossbow bolts in her belly and chest as she stands in the kitchen, and then does a dying job that is second to none…She’s one of the best actresses in the business, and you believe every moan and sob!Nowadays, being homosexual is not a big deal and is a socially accepted thing.Celebrities revealing themselves as gay or lesbian is no more unusual.

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With looks like Avril Lavigne when she’s high together with her deep masculine voice she definitely looks androgynous to some extent. She, however is best known for her role of Shane Mc Cutcheon in the TV series She is active in social media such as Twitter, Instagram and even on Facebook.Then Hannah comes in and is surprised to find a guy she knows in her house.He wastes no time and plugs the voluptuous Hannah twice as well.Pictures uploaded on Daily motion speaks for itself.Katherine is a secretive person and does not reveal much about her personal affairs to anyone.

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