Who is blaine trump dating

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After the back-to-back galas, she said, she will return to her roles of wife and mother.

''Robert said, 'I hope you're not doing any more of these anytime soon,' '' she said.

Trump admits to being in her early 30's), without offending the stalwarts who have supported the benefit for 50 years. Tonight's party will be be held in the unfinished World Financial Center at Battery Park City, far from the usual haunts of the Mortimer's set. Lacroix's famous poufs in the marble courtyard will be followed by a Provencal-flavored dinner in the vaulted glass Winter Garden amid 45-foot-tall palm trees. Trump said, ''I told them I couldn't do both parties, but then Robert said I could get it all over with for the season.'' She also felt a commitment to the evening's beneficiary, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where her grandmother had been a patient. Trump as a chairwoman, Dawn Mello, Bergdorf's president, said, ''She possesses the charm that represents Lacroix's style, but she turned out to be an incredibly hard worker.'' Arnold Scaasi said: ''Some people may think she's too sweet, but I like her. She also works at a part-time paying job, checking in new acquisitions for the Christie's auction house.

You can talk straight to her, and she'll come back with an honest answer.'' He recalled saying to her once: ''You're getting to be like Mary Tyler Moore - I've never heard anything bad about her either. Indeed, she met Robert Trump at a Christie's fund-raiser. Trump's closets hold clothes by all the top American designers (''Living in Japan made me very patriotic''), she said she hates to shop.

But all that most people know about her is that she's called Blaine Trump and she's married to Donald Trump's younger brother, Robert. That's how her husband of three years likes it, too. Blaine Trump is upset by those rumors, maintaining that the family is close. She was a typical Southern girl, having grown up in South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.

Last week, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Sarabeth Evans turned down his motion to have the divorce case heard in Dutchess County, where he owns a house.

Although her chair was heaped with cushions, she sat the way she stands, the well-bred way of a woman who attended finishing schools in Switzerland and France: back straight, head held high.

She wore beige pants with a matching turtleneck, an emerald-cut diamond ring of modest size, a simple watch and fake tortoise-shell earrings. ' And he said, 'It's really important to me.' So I looked at Robert and he said, 'This is a tough one.' '' ''I thought we left it as a definite maybe,'' she went on, ''but the next day an eight-foot orchid tree arrived with a note saying something like, 'Thank you for helping the hospital.' And Robert said, 'I guess you're going to do it.' '' Mrs. Mc Mullen have worked as a team on the Lenox Hill benefit.

Every day, Robert would come visit her with flowers and chocolates for not just her but the nurses. It was just disgusting.” A rep for Blaine said she couldn’t be reached for comment.

He was very cheerful, always smiling and greeting everyone happily. After she recuperated, Blaine tried to forgive her husband and save the marriage, but he refused to leave Pallan, whom he met while she worked in the Trump family real estate office in Brooklyn, and so Blaine agreed to a divorce.

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