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If your vampire partner loses control and decides that you look like a tasty meal, you’re pretty much a goner. Transformation is a very painful process as well and can feel as if you are on fire, or at best, like death. Once that venom gets into a human’s bloodstream, their health is going to deteriorate at a significant rate.After enduring severe pain for about a week, transformation is complete, but vampires do not wish this pain on their worst enemies.Human bones are strong, but to vampires, they could be snapped in half with little effort.Another physical health hazard when dating a vampire (and one of the most important hazards to watch out for) is scent and smell.Attractive scent and smell is something a human can never get rid of, unless they turn into a vampire themselves, so be careful when getting close to a young vampire as it could lead to death.Finally, we have reached the most important health hazard when dating a vampire.If you are dating a vampire, you will see that they have a never-ending amount of energy.

Your scent could potentially leave a sweeter taste in a family members mouth, and that’s not a good thing!

Vampires can smell human blood and the scent is so attractive to them, they have to resist the urge not to bite a human on the spot!

Obviously, control comes with age, but cravings can be so powerful that it can lead to accidents. In order to maintain a healthy relationship with a vampire, you may want to date an older one who has more control with cravings.

Open wounds on humans if left untreated can cause severe infection.

Once an infection spreads to the bloodstream and is carried around the whole body, the risk of death is much higher.

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