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They wrote and directed its two sequels: The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions (both in 2003), and were deeply involved in the writing and production of other works in that franchise.

Following the commercial success of The Matrix series, they wrote and produced the 2006 film V for Vendetta (an adaptation of the comic of the same name by Alan Moore), and in 2008 released the film Speed Racer, which was a live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series of the same name.

Their mother Lynne (née Luckinbill) was a nurse and painter.

Their father Ron Wachowski was a businessman of Polish descent.

The weapon was also reported as able to fire shot, with each discharge containing sixteen musket balls.

The Puckle gun was fired in a similar fashion to a conventional flintlock musket; however, after each shot, a crank on the threaded shaft at the rear would be unscrewed to release the cylinder to turn freely.

The cylinder held 6 to 11 shots depending on configuration, and was hand-loaded with powder and shot while detached from the weapon. Lee remarked, however, that "James Puckle's patent in 1718 contains more rhetorical fervor than technical rigor." Puckle demonstrated two configurations of the basic design: one, intended for use against Christian enemies, fired conventional round bullets, while the second, designed to be used against the Muslim Turks, fired square bullets.

The cylinder would then be advanced by hand to the next chamber, and the crank turned back again to lock the cylinder into the breech of the fixed barrel.

The flintlock mechanism could then be primed for another shot: it was triggered using a lever which was separate from the crank assembly.

John Montagu, 2nd Duke of Montagu, Master-General of the Ordnance (1740-1749), purchased two guns for an ill-fated expedition in 1722 to capture St Lucia and St Vincent.

While shipping manifests state "2 Machine Guns of Puckles" (sic) were among the cargo that departed from Portsmouth, There is a replica of a Puckle gun at Bucklers Hard Maritime Museum in Hampshire.

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