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Before the ruling came down, Sheila and Cathy could barely remember to breathe. You and Sheila can take care of each other.’”Cathy and Sheila rock each other and cry in each other’s arms. ”Indeed, and after all these years it’s hard to believe, even for a journalist or an activist: legal marriage is no longer just between a man and a woman in the United States of America.Now that it’s out, they can barely catch their breath between sobs of relief and joy. Then Cathy’s trademark humor returns and she declares, “God, am I going to be drunk this weekend! One of the greatest legislative failures of Bill Clinton’s presidency—the bill that codified discrimination against a minority group—is in the past now. Cathy is congratulated by well-wishers on the street, first by a straight parent of a child who goes to her daughter’s school.I am skeptical, as I have a vested interest, having dated a foreigner for many years.Isn’t it possible bi-national couples will have to sue the government to make federal immigration officials comply promptly with this ruling?Mine was ‘Don’t postpone joy,’ and Thea’s was, ‘Keep it hot! “Of course, love is much more than that,” she says.

Windsor got slapped with a tax bill when her wife died, and she will get her money back (“with interest,” notes her attorney Roberta Kaplan).I have watched Cathy screaming about marriage when few gay organizations thought any attempt to get equality was possible, let alone probable.I have watched her spit and curse in rage when confronted with foes, and display enormous patience in changing skeptical minds.Sin sex bar is a multi-sensory, mind blowing orgasmic experience. Our hi-tech lighting and JBL sound experience is unmatched.Outrageous entertainers, stunning show girls, and a taste of burlesque with dazzling special effects reinvent the energy of the Moulin Rouge along with theatrics of Las Vegas’s hottest show place.

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