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” When the former state trooper said this to me, I said, “Let’s do this.” And we pulled together a team of different stakeholders from around the state to bring this project together.

At what point in the aftermath of a sexual assault would someone use this app? We know that 95 percent of college students, when they are a victim of a sexual assault, do not immediately call the police. What the friend can do, is — [the app] will be geospatially worked together, so that if you are in Durham, New Hampshire, you will get the specific resources that are in the vicinity of the UNH campus.

Like if they see a situation that doesn’t look right, we’ll have different ways that people can intervene.

But really, this app is meant to be — how do we give all the resources in the state to that young person who is distressed, or to the friend or family that wants to help the young person?

After this summer’s rape trial ended in conviction of a former St.

We were lucky enough to win funds from the Entrepreneurs Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and that is going to allow us to distribute the app on the 23 campuses in New Hampshire.Emily called Bridges when she and her daughter Brianna needed help.“A few years back I found out that my children were being sexually assaulted by my husband at the time.” Emily was stunned, “as a mom you feel so guilty, how could I not know, I brought this man into their lives, I thought he was a good person and now I find out all this.” As schools across the country struggle to meet the new national common core standards, one controversial aspect of education is not part of the curriculum: sex education.And what we hope to do is license it to the other states, so they can buy it for their campuses.And the revenue that comes back will continue to support students to build and improve the apps.

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