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DAGs can also be used as a compact representation of sequence data, such as the directed acyclic word graph representation of a collection of strings, or the binary decision diagram representation of sequences of binary choices.More abstractly, the reachability relation in a DAG forms a partial order, and any finite partial order may be represented by a DAG using reachability.Some users are concerned about the safety of this new driver.The main concern is the possible presence of backdoors.That being said, it is still a good idea to install the driver only if you do pool mining.The installation process is rather straightforward and simple. if you decided to use them, make sure you will send a donation to our robinh00d who released this driver fix ETH: 0x09f940b37fa11fe953e483af9e185098a6b48862 BTC: 1Hr YKRUNus UGYBKZb V9j Hqhbkp DFBpo Wz4 In Conclusion Most people prefer to wait for the official driver release by AMD.Apparently this new driver does affect hashrate positively in some cases.The most positive changes are: Now, many people complain that the driver does not work for them; others claim that they are not able to undervolt the card after upgrading to the new release.

Some people downloaded and tried it, while others claim that this unofficial release is unsafe.

While this unofficial beta release is signed by AMD, many community members prefer to play it safe and wait for the driver to appear on AMD website.

Both approaches seem equally reasonable, especially considering that soon AMD might post the official version of the driver on their website.

A topological ordering of a directed acyclic graph: every edge goes from earlier in the ordering (upper left) to later in the ordering (lower right).

A directed graph is acyclic if and only if it has a topological ordering.), is a finite directed graph with no directed cycles.

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