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To that seat Governor John Bel Edwards has appointed former State Senator Damon Baldone. Baldone will replace Scott Angelle as the District 2 representative on the Louisiana Public Service Commission. He is a former high school and college teacher and has private sector experience as a pilot, real estate broker and business owner.She claimed that “if him and I were photographed or seen together the media people would want to know who I am,” and that she’s been “living with secrets my whole life.” Then, Chandler, 41, came out as intersex, claiming she was born David Roy Fitch, but as long as she could remember, she identified as a woman. My ex-husband flew home from Afghanistan, we told our daughter, his daughter, but who to me is like my daughter. No one would have cared seeing me come out of his house like I’d come out of his house before.In the post, she claimed to have blackmailed a man to pay for her surgery, and wound up getting nabbed for extortion, spending 30 days in jail. Things began to look up, she said in the post, when she met Phelps, 29, on Tinder. so we went to a hole in the wall restaurant called Glory Days yesterday and a group of six high school students were at a table and recognized me. A lot of negative comments from people that don’t understand what intersex is. So when he got that DUI, we’re both paying the price for it, he’s not the only one.The thing about Ashley Madison was that it was mostly dudes on that website.Baldone also was infamous trying to run for office as both a Democrat and a Republican in 2015.

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