Rainie yang dating show luo

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Malgré son rôle secondaire dans n'est d'autre que l'une des chansons de l'OST du drama.Par ailleurs dans ce drama on retouve King One Wang et Mike He, deux acteurs très connus avec lesquels elle forme le célèbre trio (W. Y : c'est un jeu des médias sur leur nom) de Taiwan.He won a silver award at a singing contest when he was only 7.

Rainie was the 'first love'/ex girlfriend of Show's (ex) bestfriend Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) but Xiao Gui and Rainie have broken up for over 8 years when that drama was made whoa! But I wish their movie will go smoothly and GP will like it despite the dating news.whoa! Just my guess lol no, lay is one of my bias in exo.But his agent was quick to make light of the statement on Wednesday, reports Apple Daily.His manager said: “Little Pig (Show’s nickname) said those words 10 years ago…Despite his athletic abilities and endurance, he also suffers from Mitral insufficiency, so he cannot consume any foods containing caffeine.That same year, he formed the group ROMEO with Ou Di.

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