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Sinn is known for his hard nosed style and take no excuses approach to teaching.

He is a nondenominational teacher, which means that he subscribes to no particular method and instead blends the best of every school of seduction to create the best possible results for himself and his students.

There are different levels of cold reads you can use depending on the situation.

They may be very deep and personal, such as telling the girl that she is lonely or had something happen to her to make her grow up too fast.

Hope that helps Hawkeye and other guys out there, Best, JS – The King Of Content P. If you want to learn exactly how to pick up women during the day at places like parks, malls, banks, or grocery stores check out Get Day Game.

Cold reading is the ancient mystical art of telling people things about themselves that are true about everybody.

Plus you don’t have the typical LA girl uniform on.” (Bait) From there I would try to move the conversation forward.

That may mean breaking rapport to build attraction, it may mean qualifying, it may mean building comfort, but at this point you are in a real conversation with the girl and should make it a point to slow down to a stop so that she is committed to the interaction.

Cold reads can also be very funny, like telling the girl you can tell her boyfriends in high school got a bad deal.

What I like to do with cold reads on moving sets, is use them to hook her curiosity and get some information about her.

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