Postcard dating by stamp

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LADY DRAKE' to UK.1937 cover addressed to UK bearing 1 1/2d 'Coronation' adhesive cancelled 'on-route' by BARBADOS/GPO cds with violet circular R. £40.00GILBERT AND ELLICE IS - 1921 1/2d 'War Tax' use with 1 1/2d adhesive to Honolulu from FANNING ISLAND1921 (AU.21.) cover addressed to Honolulu bearing New Zealand 1 1/2d adhesive tied in combination with the 1/2d 'War Stamp' by light FANNING ISLAND cds. 1966 (SE.26.) use of 1/- blue and yellow on white GB 'C.22 - INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON' redeemed at FORT HALL/KENYA. £35.00SOUTH AFRICA - 1938 inward REFUSED 3d 'Postage Due' cover from UK.1938 inward long cover from the UK (complete with original contents). H&G 14.1904 5pfg green on cream postal stationery postcard addressed to Germany (genuine use) cancelled by DSCHANG/KAMERUN cds dated 29.9.09. £85.00CAMEROONS - 1910 use of Southern Nigeria 1d at the German office at GARUA/KAMERUN.1910 (3.3.) use of Southern Nigeria 1d adhesive tied to small piece by GARUA/KAMERUN cds used in the German Cameroons. £30.00BRITISH GUIANA - 1915 2c rate 'mourning' cover to Canada used at RELIANCE.1915 (OCT.14.) 'mourning' cover addressed to Canada bearing 2c adhesive tied by s/r RELIANCE/BR. JOHNS.1910 (NO.26.) use of picture postcard addressed to UK depicting 'Redcliff Street-St. £60.00CANADA - 1930 'Weights and Measures' revenue series of 12 mint. 1930 'Weights and Measures' revenue series of 12 printed in black with blue controls all in fine fresh mint condition. £60.00AUSTRALIA - 1930 5d brown RPSE used locally uprated at MARKET SQUARE GEELONG. £35.00AUSTRALIA - 1930 5d on 4 1/2d violer RPSE to Canada uprated at SANDRINGHAM. £55.00AUSTRALIA - 1928 4 1/2d violet RPSE to India uprated at ST. H&G 26.1928 4 1/2d violet on buff registered postal stationery envelope (size G) with red text addressed to India and bearing additional 1/2d orange 'head' adhesive tied by ST. The label has its bottom left corner torn and the cover is roughly opened on reverse.

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However, postcards never regained their popularity of the pre-war years, 1900-1914.

P./ORUBA' maritime postcard use to UK.1910 (MA.1.) use of picture postcard addressed to UK depicting 'Codrington College, Barbados' bearing GB 1d adhesive tied BARBADOS/GPO and with blue oval R.

£30.00BARBADOS - 1966 use of 1/- GB 'International Reply Coupon' issued at ST. O.1966 (FE.23.) use of 1/- blue and yellow on white GB 'C.22 - INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON' issued at ST.

£35.00PAPUA - 1966 GB 1/- 'International Reply Coupon' cashed at KAVIEN/PAPUA NEW GUINEA.1966 (JA.5.) use of 1/- blue and yellow on white GB 'C.22 - INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON' redeemed at KAVIEN/PAPUA NEW GUINEA. £120.00TOGO - 1916 registered censored cover to UK.1916 (19.7.) registered cover to UK bearing 1d and 2d adhesives pairs making up a 6d rate tied by LOME/TOGO cds's and struck by violet PASSED BY CENSOR/AT/LOME (Togo) h/s. £35.00NIGERIA - 1942 1d rate censored postcard use to UK.1942 (DE.3.) use of picture postcard addressed to UK depicting 'Kola Market neat Lagos' bearing 1d adhesive tied LAGOS/NIGERIA and with dome violet censor h/s at left. £80.00NORTHERN NIGERIA - 1913 4 1/2d rate registered cover to USA used at KANO.1913 (AU.30) reg'd cover to USA bearing 2d & 2 1/2d adhesives (SG 30 31) tied by the scarce d/r KANO/NORTHERN NIGERIA cds (Proud type D3) with blue on white R/KANO/No reg'd label at left. Empire Ken' bearing 5c and 10c adhesives tied PORT LOUIS/MAURITIUS with violet circular BASE PAY OFFICE h/s at left.

£35.00PAPUA - 1966 1/- GB 'International Reply Coupon' cashed at KAIRUK/PAPUA NEW GUINEA.1966 (AP.14.) use of 1/- blue and yellow on white GB 'C.22 - INTERNATIONAL REPLY COUPON' redeemed at KAIRUKU/PAPUA NEW GUINEA. BLOEMFONTEIN' maritime cover to USA.1939 (MRT.4.) small sized cover addressed to USA bearing 1/2d adhesive tied by superb violet boxed H. £35.00MALAYA (Perak) - 1956 'Malayan Emergency' local censor cover used at PARIT BUNTAR.1956 (FE.16.) cover addressed to Kuala Lumpur (opened on three sides) bearing 10c adhesive on reverse flap tied PARIT BUNTAR and struck on the front by scarce violet triangular PASSED BY CENSOR/C handstamp applied during the 'Malayan Emergency' guerrilla war.

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