Oracle forms updating a view

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NET is complex, and the treatment of the subject here should be seen as a design sketch from which a detailed analysis and plans for an application migration can be made.

The organization of the items has two perspectives: that of the developer, called the form view; and that of the user, called the visual (or presentation) view.Oracle Reports is a tool for developing reports against data stored in an Oracle database.Oracle Reports consists of Oracle Reports Developer (a component of the Oracle Developer Suite) and Oracle Application Server Reports Services (a component of the Oracle Application Server).Introduction and Goals Migration Approach Examining Oracle Forms Understanding Visual Basic . Oracle Forms-based applications can retrieve and manipulate data in Oracle databases. It is not possible to modify an Oracle Forms application for interoperation with a Microsoft® SQL Server™ database, and it is recommended that applications of this type are rewritten. NET is an ideal choice for rewriting an Oracle Forms application because it is very similar in nature to Oracle Developer, both in terms of the development tools and wizards, as well as the end product itself. NET Application Oracle Forms are applications built using Oracle Developer, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment available from Oracle.

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