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When you open a Maxim magazine, this is the guy they’re talking about. However, being that it isn’t politically correct, most public people won’t say it to a newspaper or magazine.

Davide is quite brash and on top of his game and I suppose that he is able to get away with a little more political incorrectness than the average Fortune 500 executive.

Serra runs a hedge fund – for those not familiar with hedge funds, it is a financial fund in which he has a wide latitude for making decisions.

In essence, rich people give him their money and he invests it for them.

Why would any sane Man go from a thin, well mannered, feminine Woman to date an overweight self-entitled monster of an American woman?

” If you only want to get laid, go and download a copy of “The Pickup Artist,” read it, study it, master it and just troll your local bar or grocery store and prey on weak-miinded American women with Daddy issues. Ask any Man who’s been through divorce court in the US or talk to a Man who is married with 2 or 3 kids to a woman who doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean and is always complaining about how hard her life is.

If you’re interested in a life-long committed relationship with a beautiful and cultured Woman then you would do best to marry OUTSIDE of the US (outside of Western society). That she cooks & cleans, that she is college educated, that she has a maternal instinct? I was just in a Starbucks in Orange County, California and there were 6 or 7 women, all married, all with kids, at 11am and they were all COMPLAINING.

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