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Maybe I'm becoming jaded, but I don't really find that photo to be shocking or scandalous at all.And I consider myself to be pretty sensitive to the oversexualization of young girls, which I think is a problem.They'll be waiting for her to mess up -- hoping she won't but expecting that she will.With one eye on her and another looking for her replacement, one more misstep and it's move over Miley." One can only wonder how many of the parents of Disney's stable of up-and-coming 'tween stars are taking notes from Mileygate on how best to position their prepubescent child in today's global entertainment marketplace. The world is facing a food crisis and we are in the middle of an oil crisis and this is what's occupying our brain waves? Except everyone else involved says they were there.So its alright to expose a young girl who is extremely unrealistic to the masses by plastering them in ads, on tv or billboards, but wrong to present a realistic view of an actual young girl. Second, the fact that the kid is a kid means it's up to her parents/guardians to make business decisions on her behalf.

When I look at Annie Liebowitz's photo of Miley, I see a 19th century street urchin, exploited, but fending for herself in true Dickensian fashion. The portrait is revealing and deserves to be published. Aren't there more important things in life than to know what celebraties are doing?Since Paris and Lindsey and Brit and Jamie and Vanessa and Nicole etc.are keeping faily low profiles and since Miley is bigger than any of them it is time to play Gotcha with Ms. I don't blame, Annie L or VF or The Cyrus family, I blame us, the people of these United States not for the pics but for the absurd over reaction to them.So maybe the little kids need to choose somebody else as their role model!!!!=] People Need To Wise Up Im 14 Shes My Idol I Look Up To Her So What She Did A Photoshoot Nude She Was Covered Like Seriously Its Not Like She Did It For A Playboy Magazine It Would Me Different Then And Parents Need to wise up To At Least She Has Sense Not Taken Drugs And Getting Preganat Parent Are Saying To Her Your Nat A Good Role Modal For Doing That But I Say Differently She Is The Only Senseable Young Celeb Whos Is Not Doing A Brittany Spears Or A Paris Hilton What Would Want Her To Do A Photoshoot With No Cloths But Covered Up Or Taken Drugs And Drinked And Getting Pregant You Deciced???

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