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If you do not agree with this disclaimer, please exit this site immediately.Java Chat Rooms vs Flash Chat Rooms Firefox or Chrome? So, if you’re just an user of an online chat service, you should not care too much about the fact that you’re using a java chat rooms server or a flash chat rooms server. All I said was does anyone want to chat with a hot girl/boy.A: is not a dating service nor is it a pickup site, if you are looking to pick up an online date, please look somewhere else.Longer Answer: We have placed the most common used swear words on our restricted list, we stick to this standard and do not in any way sway from it. Q: What is Chan Serv A: Chan Serv is the channel registration service on Betterchat.com(/msg Chan Serv HELP). A: A chat client is the program that you use to chat with.At any given time could have a visitor that is offended by the use of profanity, profanity is not required to communicate there for we do not think there is a place on chat for it. A: Umm NO, if you think it is offensive, play it safe and just don’t use that word. A: A channel is a chat room in where there are other people. The main ones are m IRC, p IRCh, and IRCle (for Mac).

Upon entering the chat rooms, you agree to accept one hundred percent responsibility for your actions.

Whether bullying takes place in a preschool, college sports team or office setting, it is certainly not a new offence.

However, there are even more ways that someone can become a bully now in our technologically advanced society.

And the funny thing is that, except for a few minor differences, the choice simply doesn’t matter at all for the end user, since both services do the same thing, at least at the core level.

All these are example of questions that will never have a clear answer; there will always be fan boys of either side coming with arguments over arguments to support their point of view.

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