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As we often remind ourselves, what is presented by mainstream information sources is frequently a narrow and negative perspective of what is happening upon this planet right now.

To the contrary, we see and know that good and right is occurring everywhere. This simple reminder changes the very nature of our experience. When we allow love to be our focus of life, we expand this in our everyday activities.

It is our vision to unite one and all in a celebration of love and compassion. Our main theme explains it best..."Love Begins With Me" As we continue to connect with people and organizations around the world, we are amazed at how much is being done in efforts to positively assist humanity.

Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding LOVE. There are so many wonderful people and associations that are actively working on behalf of a community, nation and even in global proportions.

Each of us is a potent force of love when we allow this energy to express itself.

There is nothing we have to ultimately do, rather we need only allow ourselves to feel and be love. Global Love Day is merely our way of saying let's remember love is ours to be and to share every moment of our lives.

It is as simple as changing each perspective and allowing the negative and limiting views to be released and replaced by a higher, more loving understanding.

We appreciate and are grateful for the courage each of you express. Be a part of this global day by choosing love, compassion, peace, and unity.

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The Global Love Day Flyers have been translated in over 37 languages so far and all are available to download and print right from your desktop.

We change the world when we change our perspective.

As we come to know who we are and why we act and react the way we do, we start to see ourselves in the faces of humanity. These seemingly random expressions are our past thoughts seeking manifestation.

You can find our Global Love Day social site pages too.

Our annual Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational is held in conjunction with Global Love Day each year and encourages anyone young at heart to submit their art, essay or poetry based on the tenents and vision and theme of the day.

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