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If you know you’re ready, make sure your first time (and every time after that) is safe.This means protecting yourself and your partner against unwanted pregnancy and the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. If you’re ready to have sex then you should be able to talk about it first.No one can predict how sex will turn out, and many factors - such as your mood, the atmosphere and timing – can all affect it, no matter how experienced you are.However, the more open you are with your partner, the more likely you are to feel at ease.It can be awkward to introduce condoms in the heat of the moment, so ease the embarrassment by discussing protection beforehand and decide who will bring the condom.Having it discreetly on the side or under the pillow may help.You will have opportunity to get better acquainted with your partner.These steps are very important because girls can be pretty picky nowadays.

Your friends all seem to be having sex and know lots about it – do you recognise any of these phrases? I have felt tremendous pressure to just have random sex to get it over with and because my friends have lost their virginity but I wanted to wait to have sex with someone I love and who loves me." We all have different attitudes to sex.

For example in first stage on your conversation, ask about her hobbies, daily works and activities.

According to these questions answers you can begin to ask more specific questions about her .

Even if you have consented to sex before – with a previous partner or your current one - it doesn’t mean you automatically want to do it again.

Be aware of how your partner feels and let them know what you’re thinking too.

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