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How swiftly a woman like this could strip her of all her accomplishments: her grade 5 piano (with Distinction), her ballet lessons, her carefully modulated accent, her doctorate – gone, all gone in an instant.

The story is populated by vivid characters – a strange boy who keeps washing Kay’s husband’s car, Kay’s unruly daughter, surprise guests with complicated histories – all of whom come together in a sometimes clashing interaction. It was at quiet times like this that the town seemed to press in on her most, hard and unforgiving.

and that right there has proven to me (and many others in my life) that sex workers ARE NORMAL PEOPLE!

'We are driven and work hard, we can have goals and degrees and families and passion for what we do beyond the good money we can sometimes make and so much more.' Ms Renee concluded by questioning why it is people felt the need to comment on her life.'You don't know someone's history, where they have come from, what motivates them, so I don't know why some people act like they do.' Speaking to Be, Ms Renee said she had never 'hit back' before but 'wanted to make it crystal clear for anyone who doesn't quite understand'.

He would try to help her with depression and stop her self-harming.

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People looked up with dazed glances but as soon they understood he was a stranger they gathered themselves into their coats and tucked away their eyes. ‘In the knowledge-based economy, we will ask people to work “smarter” not “harder”,’ he would say.

But after reading comments from critics claiming she needed to 'go to school' and that she 'can't possibly be proud', Ms Renee took to her Facebook page to address them directly.'I've worked harder and have done more than just about any other 22-year-old I know,' Ms Renee wrote.

'I built, owned and operated a gym, I've managed restaurants, I ran my own cleaning business, I PAID out of pocket to get an education after high school and yes I am proud of what I do because I've worked damn hard (I've worked harder as a cam girl than I have in even the most hands on vanilla job I ever had). I'm the LAST person anyone would have expected to do this..

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