Difference between dating and long term relationship

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Barring the unusual exception to the rule, men are horny pretty much all the time.This isn’t our fault of course; our hard-wired biology compels us to spread our seed and have sex with as many women as possible. Are women down for sex at any given moment of the day? While men are horny, women are only horny when they’re horny.Following the service, Putin and Medvedev appeared on National Television to “congratulate” the Russian people for “celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.” Here & Here.By contrast, Barack Obama did no photo-ops on Easter Sunday…no speeches.A while back, I wrote two articles on men’s levels of sex drive and women’s levels of sex drive.I highly suggest you read both of them, as they highlight the distinct differences between the ways in which men and women experience sexual desire.

When not horny, women don’t do any of these things. Compare that to men, who will constantly do stupid, insane things for women because of their oneitis, at any and all times… Some men argue that often, women experience these extreme bouts of horniness because of purely biological factors, such as ovulation, pregnancy, PMS, and certain aspects of menopause. It’s also true that many women can get crazy horny for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with these factors, such as slow sex drive women who are very relaxed and get turned on by a man who knows what he’s doing.

I’ve seen women who can’t pull their own clothes off of themselves fast enough to get laid.

I’ve seen women get visibly upset when I can’t come over to their homes to fuck them.

But rather, Obama brought a cadre of journalists and photographers on April 1, 2010, to a White House Jewish Passover Seder, complete with a myriad of his Jewish staff.

Hailed as “the first Presidential Seder in America’s history,” by Haaretz and declared a “new tradition” to be observed for years to come in the White House by the New York Times, Obama joined Jewish advisers, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Lesser, Susan Sher (Michelle Obama’s counsel), and Herbie Ziskend, a staff assistant to Vice President Joe Biden, to celebrate the Jewish rite. As Goethe pointed out, a great leader holds people together.

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