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In this it is pointing towards some of the problems about different values and bringing up children.

The bible also says that if you become a Christian then you shouldn't abandon your spouse because they don't accept Jesus as their Saviour ( I Cor ch 7).

If I were for example Catholic, then I believe I would have less understanding of other religions. I want to understand everyone and appreciate all the different faiths for what they give people. Helenhi i'm sure you really want answers to this from a christian viewpoint & i can't offer you that.

I am not sure that we could be as close as we are without that.But you touch on an issue which is probably hard for non-Christians to understand - what will life after death hold for a non-believer.I can only speak from the point of view of our own spiritual journey.My boyfriend and I are completely in love and we've both discussed the prospect of marriage. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, and I want to be with him for eternity.But I know that if he doesn't believe in God he won't go to Heaven.

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