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To win, first a guy needs to find an activity that suits him. He’s not going to meet many women if he sucks at yoga and spends most of his time in class gawking at the nimble ladies doing the downward dog.

He needs to start at the beginning, and that means by taking a basic class and showing up.

Here’s another consideration: If she’s hot and she likes you, trusts you, and sees that you’re still available, she might see the light and reconsider her position. She may even set you up with one of her comely girlfriends.

I know you don’t want a consolation prize, but you never know how things can work out for everyone.

And for most guys, it’s tough to sort out if and when a woman is open and approachable. Let’s discuss the best places for guys to meet quality women and how to navigate those environments for successful interactions.

But, before a guy can even get to the place where he’ll need to summon the courage to introduce himself to a woman of interest, he needs to know where women congregate and which places are best for a guy striking up a conversation. I won’t include bars and restaurants (better than bars for meeting women) because they are no brainers. FITNESS CLASSES (yoga, spinning, cardio, and the gym etc.) – We’ve all seen the hotties glistening with sweat as they pour out of classes at Barry’s Boot Camp. They’re usually yapping to each other about the class as they make their way to the smoothie bar.

For many guys, there is something worse than getting blown off by the girl of their dreams. In fact, the friend zone even has a few hidden perks worth discovering.

It doesn’t have to be a recurring nightmare of rejection.

Oh, and one more thing: Sometimes just being a good friend has its benefits. She’ll be impressed, surprised, and curious when she sees you maintain your composure after she jackknifes your heart. As long as she keeps you in her friend zone, she maintains a favorable opinion of you. – If she rejects you, but you have to win her heart at any cost, then you’ll need patience, and a strategy to win her over.

If she says yes to any of your suggestions, it’s a good sign. Don’t fall all over yourself trying to impress her, or make any obvious romantic overtures. Wondering why you’re not hitting on her might drive her nuts.

And if you’re simply having fun, she’ll want to do more stuff with you. But, if after you’ve played the game to the best of your ability and she only wants to be your bud, show her what you’re made of and let it go.

They might show him some love by asking him a question, or he can begin with a very gentle approach of his own, maybe with an innocent question such as, “What do you think of the class?

” The point is, when integrating into a female-dominated environment where they are sweaty and focused and getting into their spiritual zone, you need to be cool.

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