Dating people from church

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Or are singles expected to stay in their own group, like lepers in quarantine? The culture tells them they have missed out on life’s greatest experience, while at the same time at church, not one word of encouragement comes from the pulpit or even their friends.” Personally, I have no intention of quitting church any time soon.Is there support for single Christians who might occasionally need assistance with various tasks, as there is for, say, the elderly? When was the last time you reached out to a single person in your church? The need for churches to attend to their single members is more pressing than you might realize. I take seriously the biblical command that we are not to “forsake the assembling of ourselves together” (Hebrews ).(See Ephesians -16.) But in too many cases, today’s church is not doing this.It’s set up as a sort of family training center, which means that everyone who doesn’t fit the nuclear family model is pushed to the margins rather than welcomed and included.There are the people who say you’re “too picky” if you have any standards at all. I do think a lot of Christians are simply confused.

The grass is always greener, and what makes you think the trials of marriage will go any easier than the trials of singlehood?

Did God have a bunch of narcissistic, twenty-first century singles in mind when he created Eve, using her to tell us our singlehood is deviant?

Throughout the Bible, God uses people regardless—or in spite of—their marital status to accomplish his purposes. True, theirs was a divinely appointed marriage to portray the relationship of God to us immoral creatures.

Meanwhile, many of us wonder why we're being pigeonholed by marital status anyway?

When it comes to singles in the church, a lot of apprehension tends to guide both our church leadership teams and ourselves.

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