Dating married ems worker

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This week, a 35-year-old EMS worker trying to find sexual satisfaction outside her sexless marriage: married, straight, Queens. We both work long, crazy hours and sometimes go a few days without actually spending time together due to our schedules, but he’s off today and home with the kids. Backstory: In emergency medicine, you learn that cops are in the ER as much as they are in the precinct houses, and we develop familiarity and friendships with most of them. But most cops are cheating man-whores; I’m not naive. I’m hoping a day off will get him relaxed enough to want sex tonight — it’s been months since we had sex. “I’m not in my sexual prime anymore,” is his mantra. He asked 19,001 times for my number, and I relented eventually. The old me would never consider this, but hubs has no desire — it’s been months of no sex. I remember nagging and complaining to him about something. Several years back, my husband came home in the morning and was unusually quiet.My husband is always telling me how much he appreciates it that I don't call him or text him constantly while he is at the station. He says he enjoys knowing that I can handle things while he's away. If I do have a financial question or scheduling question, I try to always call on his lunch break or after five.

I hop in the bath with my vibrator and watch porn on my phone until I come. I have some downtime at work, and I’m sitting in my car. I know half these people are probably fake or murderers, yet one couple sparks my interest. Come home, hop back into bed for some long-needed sleep. He says, “Oh good I’ve been craving that.” Awesome. Not wanting to ruin the good mood I was trying to be in, and because I’m horny as fuck, I impulsively text the cop back. ” He immediately replies back how hard he’d fuck me and all sorts of nasty texting ensues and we have text sex.

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