Dating coach boston ma

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1105 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02125, USA Description: Consultations for couples in which one or both partners have LD/ADHD (self-pay only) Consultations for adults with LD/ADHD around issues related to educational planning and career development (self-pay only) Individual Psychotherapy (self-pay, Blue Cross & Blue Shield PPO and Indemnity plans, other insurances’ PPO/PSO plans) Support/Psychoed Groups for Adults with LD/ADHD (see Groups for more information) Trainings and presentations on issues related to LD/ADHD Read more...

617-939-4696 1193 Walnut Street #7, Newton, MA 02461, USA Description: People often go into therapy feeling a great deal of shame, guilt and with secrets. 1234 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA Description: The people I see are interested in working hard on the core issues interfering with their relationships and work.

Sharon was asking me questions and I was just answering them, but she was also giving me advice and I listened. Sharon helped me to realize how many important details I was missing! I can't promise that it will take 30 minutes, especially if you are just starting, but she knows how to approach this task.

She guided me and built on my strengths to make dating fun again! I offer a safe place to help you become aware of the hidden wounds or unconscious needs that drive you to unfulfilling experiences. The more aware you become, the more informed your choices can be. I was able to reach out to her whenever I needed help regarding a certain guy I was dating to help me make the right choice.But the best part was that she showed me how to not get so invested in one guy, because if it didn't work out then I wasn't devastated!

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