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And come to find out, Sheldon actually enjoys the collaboration. He goes to get advice from Penny, who doesn’t give him advice after he calls her promiscuous.

(By the way, when was the last time Penny got a story line of her own??

When Raj practically verbally assaults the person selling roses in the restaurant, Ruchi asks what gives.

He confesses he isn’t used to casual relationships, but wants to give this a try — that is, until she reveals that she doesn’t believe in soul mates.

— you can’t get much more feminine than an opening scene in a women’s restroom in a women’s shoe store — and the result opened the show up to a refreshingly funny new set of comic possibilities.

And as we witnessed nine episodes ago in “The Love Car Displacement,” Bernadette is at her gut-busting funniest when she’s really pissed off.

) The next day Bert returns Sheldon’s jacket, which Sheldon refuses to acknowledge as his own in front of his friends. Enough with the T-Swift jokes…even though Raj would really appreciate them and he’s the other main character with a plot this episode.

Bert realizes Sheldon is ashamed of working on a geology project and cuts him out of it. Later, when Sheldon tells Amy about what happened, she tells him that if he enjoys the work, that’s all that matters, so he runs back to Bert’s office. Bert has moved on to Leonard — who is really there for the tips on how to say no to Sheldon — and literally closes the door in Sheldon’s face. He re-meets Bernie’s coworker Ruchi at a bar watching cricket.

Except all of his friends know he’s absolutely not.

Penny warns him before he meets up with Ruchi again to be casual and not think about their future wedding.

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