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After 1765 new farmhouses began to be built out on the new hedged and fenced farms and some smallholders sold up to larger landowners.Some of the farmhouses were subdivided to provide accommodation for an increasing number of landless labourers.

Up until the 1765 enclosure, the parish was farmed in strips on the open field system, which left its mark on the landscape in the form of ridge and furrow, still visible in places.

Because the village has never been dominated by a single, powerful landlord, the community has always been open to incomers with useful trades and businesses.

There was a mix of agricultural holdings, from small holdings of just a couple of acres to farms of several hundred and this mix is reflected in the streetscape even today.

The growing importance of the motorway network made West Haddon an increasingly attractive place to live, particularly to those whose work involved extensive travelling.

Developers built more new estates, on old farmland and disused allotments. The playing fields were extended after a lot of fundraising and donations from many villagers.

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