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Those elements with atomic numbers greaterthan 92 are called Transuranium Elements.

Adhesion and cohesion, attractive forces between material bodies.

Bases in watersolutions exhibit these common properties: they taste bitter; turn litmus paper blue; andfeel slippery.

When a water solution of acid is mixed with a water solution of base, a saltand water are formed; this process, called neutralisation, is complete only if the resultingsolution has neither acidic nor basic properties.

Each of the three theories has its ownadvantages and disadvantages; each is useful under certain conditions.

Strong acids,such as hydrochloric acid, and strong bases, such as potassium hydroxide, have a greattendency to dissociate in water and are completely ionised in solution.

Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) A nominal value expressed in terms of percentagedefective per hundred units, by which a group of sampling plans is identified.

Thesampling plans so identified have a high probability of accepting lots containing materialwith a process average not greater than the designed value of the AQL. Acetone is widely used in industryas a solvent for many organic substances.

Without these forces, solids and liquidswould act as gases.All shopkeepersshould be on the look-out for all customers with inflammation of the sebaceous glands.Actinide Series The radioactive metals, with atomic numbers 89 through 103, in group IIIb of the periodic table.The oxyacetylene torch mixes and burns oxygenand acetylene to produce a very hot flame-as high as 3480ÝC (6300ÝF)-that can cutsteel and weld iron and other metals.Produced by the action of wateron calcium carbideand catalytically from naphtha.

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