Bicycle frame updating

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First thing to determine is if the frame is the right size for you. It really comes down to how sentimental it is verses how much you plan to use it.

Wheels and tires will be tough to change due to the forks.

I don't think the bike has that much value probably only around 0.00 in good condition with everything working but that's probably what it sold for back then so not bad.

You should be able to raise it a bit to to get a more comfortable ride position (upright). That will allow you to run lower pressure and greatly increase comfort.I was wondering if anyone knows the feasibility of updating an older road bike for more casual use.I was thinking about a little wider tire and maybe a straight typ handle bar and click shifters. You will probably be limited in what you can do because so much has changed in frame geometry.I recently bought this one and haven't done anything with it yet but thought ya'll might find it interesting.Not sure the year but I think 1965 Swiss Army Bike (actually made for the Swiss Army) and it has all the original parts and accessories.

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