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Ironically the age of consent in the Philippines is just 12 years of age.

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It creates a sense of belonging and pride to the wearer.FRONDA Director, National Equipment Service GIRL SCOUTS OF THE PHILIPPINES National Headquarters, Manila Tel. MANILA - Depression has become a major cause of concern for health institutions across the world since it can lead to lack of productivity, loss of motivation, even suicide. Susan Mercado, director of the noncommunicable diseases and health division of the World Health Organization says teens and young adults are at highest risk for depression leading to suicide.“I think young people’s lives are more complicated, more complex,” she said. Edgardo Tolentino, former president of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, adds that companies should be oriented about the different signs and symptoms of depression that can manifest among their employees.“They want to be connected to everyone, to everything and they’re not. Some of these symptoms according to Tolentino are frequent absences, low productivity and concentration, sleeping problems that can post as a problem for certain industries, and change in appetite—either by overeating or by not eating at all.

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