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Generally however, we share a concern for the environment and a desire to live an egalitarian, co-operative and healthy lifestyle. Each year we elect a committee from community members to run the association.

We attempt to farm the land, rear our animals and grow our food as organically as we can. These rotating posts include a chairperson a treasurer a secretary and others.

There is a monthly ‘maintenance’ payment linked to space occupied and the number of people living in that space – this space covers all of the bills related to the building (maintenance, gas, electricity, council tax, etc).

Christmas, New Year, and our summer birthday are celebrated in grand style.At the same time, despite the number of people, it is always possible to find peace and quiet.Old Hall is owned by UOSHA Ltd a non-profit housing association.The building covers about two acres of ground and is divided into private and communal areas.Much of the interior has been altered and improved since the community purchased it.

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