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In the past, United has allowed children with autism and their parents to board a parked, empty plane so they can get used to it well before takeoff time.

If a meal is requested mid-flight for a person with autism, the airline will do its best to accommodate them if the flight has a meal service, another customer service representative told The Mighty.

The airline’s representative told us autism isn’t one of the disabilities you can indicate when you make your reservation online, but you can pre board at any airport — no need to bring a doctor’s letter or any other form of proof.

Is pre-boarding available for passengers with autism and their families? Is there information about traveling with a person with autism available online? Delta’s website offers general information about what the airline offers travelers with disabilities, but it does not mention autism.

If the person needs to change seats mid-flight, the flight attendants will do their best to accommodate the request.

How are airlines accommodating customers with an autism spectrum disorder? The Mighty researched six major airlines’ online policies and contacted customer service representatives with further questions via phone and/or email.

We asked about previous accommodations they’d made, whether or not they allow passengers with autism to board the plane early, what types of inflight support they offer and how far in advance families should tell the airline about any specific needs.

If your family needs to change seats midway through the flight, the flight crew will do their best to reseat you (although there are no guarantees).

Virgin America makes its accommodations on a case-by-case basis, so if you let them know what you need well in advance, they will do whatever they can to make the flight more comfortable.

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