10 commandments dating women

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When out on a date, practice manners like opening doors, paying the tab, and letting her order first.You can both argue about who should pay based on her beliefs, but the rule is to default to you paying.Everything from who to where, to when, and why is listed, so let’s get started.[Subscribe Here]Essentially, put yourself together, man. Consider the impression you’re making when you go out on a date.A woman deserves a man who is certain of his future, of himself, and of her. If you’re having her over for dinner, plan the night out with what you’re going to cook/eat (I always vote you cook – here’s a recipe), and getting a bottle of wine.Moreover, these date need to be pre-planned most of the time. A man with initiative is a man destined for better dating experiences.If your ex did that thing with her legs and you want your current lady to do it too, make the suggestion, but don’t explain where it came from or who taught it to you.If she was telling you about this guy she used to date that did this thing and it made her purr like a kitten, you would be pretty upset.

As a general rule, don’t share your previous sexual endeavors with your date.

Look, we all love the idea of a spontaneous date that’s romantic and earns us Brownie points, but we have to recognize that we’re not very good at making that happen. I dunno, where do yo–––”Take command and plan real dates. Spontaneous moments win because they’re few and far between.

Unfortunately, we end up indecisive and boring by discussing where to go on our date.“Where do you wanna go? If everything is last minute, you’re going to be the last in line on her list of priorities, Stud.

Personally, I invite you to practice manners and chivalry because it’s good for you, regardless of whether she appreciates it or not.

If you’re always being kind, respectful, and generous with your manners, and you’re doing it because you enjoy it, you won’t need anyone’s recognition, and it speaks volumes about your character. That’s the kind of guy you’d like for your daughter, right?

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